About Avana® USA

Brand(s): Avana

Manufacturer: Sunrise Remadies

Avana is a great medication for male impotence treatment. It is manufactured by the pharmaceutical corporation Sunrise Remadies. It comprises the active ingredient Avanafil which dissolves in a male body in 15 minutes and provides a stable erection up to 8 hours.

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Not everybody knows that Brand Viagra was initially invented to treat cardiovascular diseases and psychological disorders. The original manufacturer of Viagra is the pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer. The inventors of Sildenafil Citrate, which is the chemical name of the medication, wanted to create a new medicine for the treatment of heart problems and depression. But the first test of Viagra showed that it is not effective in the sphere of human health care. However, Sildenafil Citrate appeared to be helpful in the sphere of male impotence treatment. This invention made Pfizer one of the most well-known and successful companies in the world.

A patent for 20 years protected the right of the pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer to be the only one producer of the unique and effective medication. The company gained not only success but also a lot of money. When the patent became invalid other pharma corporations started to invent and manufacture generic drugs analogous to Viagra such as Kamagra 100 mg. One should distinguish such notions as generic and brand drug. A lot of men are mistaken to think that generic medications possess lower efficiency and can harm the state of health.

A company which has the intention to manufacture a generic drug should test a new medication according to the standards and demands of Food and Drug Administration. This organization approves the production of all medications and products in the United States of America. According to the standard system, a generic product must correspond to the following demands: the same active ingredient of a bran drug, not more than 15 % of deviations in chemical composition, similar appearance with a brand product.

If a generic medication corresponds to all the needed characteristics, the organization gives the approval to involve it in the mass-production. The advantage of the generic medications is that they are more affordable and possess the same efficiency and principle of work in the male organism. One of the most effective generic medications for ED treatment is thought to be Avana which is analogous to Brand Viagra.

Pharmacological action

The main active element of the drug is Avanafil. It has the improved formula and dissolves in the male body in 15-20 minutes. Avanafil increases the blood flow to the penis and awakes a stable erection. A man can maintain an erection only if he is sexually aroused. The effect of Avana lasts up to 8 hours which is in 2 hours more than Sildenafil’s efficiency.


A pill of Avana should be taken internally with a glass of water. Do not chew a tablet, just swallow it. Take the medicine in 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse.


Avana can influence the male organism in a negative way in the case of the following diseases and disorders: cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney problems, leukemia, hemophilia, anemia and angina. If you suffer from hypersensitivity to the main active component Avanafil, do not take the medication. The problems with vision also prevent the intake of Avana.


Avanafil can interact with certain drugs and products which may influence the male state of heath in a negative way. Such products as grapefruit and grapefruit juice are dangerous in the combination with Avana. It is prohibited to take the medication with other drugs for male impotence treatment and medicines which have in their composition nitric elements.


The dose of the medicine should be prescribed by a medical specialist. He must examine the health characteristics of a patient and prescribe the appropriate dose of Avana. Each tablet of the medication contains 50 mg of Avanafil which is supposed to be the maximal dose per 24 hours. Take the medication according to the given instructions to avoid the possible side effects.

The intake of Avana can lead to certain side effects. They are insufficient in most cases. Such side effects as headache, dizziness, running nose and diarrhea present no danger to the state of health. But in case of such symptoms as sudden loss of vision and back pain one should ask for the medical help. You can also buy cheap Cialis Soft.

Brief description of Avana

Active ingredient Avanafil
Dosage day (pills) 1
Operating time (h) 6-8
Onset of action (min) 15-20
Allow simultaneous reception nitroglycerin
fatty foods
Not allow simultaneous
grapefruit juice
Contraindications hypersensitivity
heart disorders
peyronie's disease
kidney/liver problems
vision loss
severe hepatic or renal insufficiency
Side effects hearing impairment, pain, sore throat, redness, back pain, mild catarrhal symptoms, headache, runny nose, swelling and diarrhea
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