About Generic Levitra USA

Brand(s): Filitra

Manufacturer: Dadha Pharma

Generic Levitra is a popular drug for ED treatment. It is more affordable than Brand Levitra. Its main active ingredient Vardenafil increases the flow of blood vessels to the male reproductive organ and relaxes the smooth muscles. In such a way, a man gets the stable erection up to 10 hours. The effect of Generic Levitra is possible if a man is sexually aroused.

Generic Levitra List

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Generic medications gained the great popularity among the customers in recent year. The manufacturing of generic medications is very profitable in the pharmaceutical world because many people prefer to buy the medicines which are more affordable. Not everyone knows that generic drugs are similar to brand name drugs in their formula, efficiency, safety, quality and administration. Generic medications are named by their active chemical ingredient that is why their selling name is not as widespread as brand one.

Although, almost everybody has access to the Internet and it is not a problem to read the articles about the generic medications in a certain sphere of health care. Generic drugs present no danger to the human life because they must get the approval of Food and Drug Administration before the mass-production. When the generic and brand named medications are produced, the small variations are permitted in their size, effect on the body and purity.

The company-producer of the generic medicine has to test its product like the original manufacturer of the brand drug. The 45 % of difference among generic and brand drugs are prohibited by FDA. So, the process of generic drugs approval is very strict and serious. One should not be afraid to buy the generic product of bad quality because its efficiency is tested according to the standards of Food and Drug Administration.

The sphere of ED treatment provides a wide range of generic drugs. A lot of pharmaceutical corporations which take the leading positions in the pharma world are the active manufacturers of generic drugs for the male impotence treatment. One of such companies is Dadha Pharma which produces the wide range of the medications in the sphere of ED treatment. Generic Levitra is also manufactured by this company.

Pharmacological action

Generic Levitra comprises the active ingredient Vardenafil which comprises the group of PDE-5 enzymes. Vardenafil influences the blood flow to the penis and increases it. The muscles of the penis relax due to this process and the result is the erectile stimulation. The stable erection does not occur by itself. A man has to be sexually aroused to get the desired effect.


Take the drug orally with plenty of water in 30-60 minutes before the sexual activity. The intake of meal does not influence the medicine but fatty food may slow down Vardenafil’s effect on the body like in case of Viagra 100 mg.


The usage of Vardenafil is prohibited in case of instable angina or low blood pressure. If you have severe hepatic insufficiency or anatomic deformation of the penis it is not recommended to take Generic Levitra. If you have hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to Vardenafil, it is prohibited to take the medication. Heart, liver or kidney diseases may also prevent the intake of Generic Levitra.

The possible side effects are similar in the case of all generic medicines for ED treatment. They are insufficient if a patient follows all the instructions of a doctor. Such effects are headache, flushing of the face or running nose. In the case of more serious consequences like back pain or problems with vision, go to hospital.


The combination of Vardenafil with medicines which comprise nitric components or with other medicines for the male impotence treatment can present a danger to your health. In case of hypersensitivity to Vardenafil it is prohibited to take Generic Levitra.

The dosage of the medicine must be established according to the health history of a patient. The pointed dosage in the prescription is 1 pill of Generic Levitra per 24 hours. The starting dose is 10 mg of Vardenafil which may be changed to 20 mg due to doctor's prescription. You can also buy Intagra which is very effective in the sphere of ED treatment.

Brief description of Generic Levitra

Active ingredient Vardenafil
Dosage day (pills) 1
Operating time (h) 8-10
Onset of action (min) 30
Allow simultaneous reception fatty foods
Not allow simultaneous
other ED treatment products
drugs for: fungal or yeast infections , high blood pressure, HIV infection or AIDS
grapefruit juice
Contraindications diabetes
bipolar disorder
vision problems
high or low blood pressure
kidney disease
history of heart attack
heart disease
Side effects muscle aches, seizures, back pain, changes in hearing, headache, dizziness, flushing, indigestion, nausea, difficulty breathing, changes in vision
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