About Tadacip® USA

Brand(s): Tadacip®

Manufacturer: Cipla

Tadacip is an innovative medication for erectile dysfunction treatment. Its manufacturer is the Indian pharmaceutical corporation Cipla which is a trusted leader in the pharma world. Tadacip comprises the main active ingredient Tadalafil 20 mg which is known as the element with the longest efficiency in a male body. Tadalafil provides a stable erection for 36 hours which gives the possibility to enjoy a spontaneous sexual intercourse.

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Often, men who suffer from various disorders of sexual character do not know the real reason which influences their sexual capacity in a negative way. Male sexual disorders include: male impotence, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Male impotence occurs when a man is unable to be sexually active and to have the erectile stimulation in every case of the sexual activity. Male impotence should be treated properly because it causes a lot of troubles in the life of a man. Erectile dysfunction may lead to the fear before the sexual intercourse, influence the male confidence and cause troubles in the relationships. Such disorders may be effectively treated with the intake of generic Viagra 100 mg which is more affordable than Pfizer's Viagra.

Often problems of sexual character may be caused by the physiological factors which include various diseases and disorders. Especially, it concerns the endocrine system which plays an important role for the male potency. The endocrine system develops special hormones. These hormones are very important in the processes of metabolism, reproduction, mood and sexual health. Such disease as diabetes often causes erectile dysfunction due to the fact that it damages the process of hormones’ production. When these hormones and endocrine system are damaged, the sexual capacity of men weakens and leads to erectile dysfunction.

Male impotence can also be the reason of other diseases, such as: obesity, low or high blood pressure, problems with prostate and urethra, cardiovascular diseases and heart stroke. Psychological factor also influences the male sexual capacity. Everyday problems, stresses, family concerns, depression and troubles affect the male mood which results in the problems with the erection maintenance. Taking into consideration all the facts mentioned above, it is necessary to define the source of erectile dysfunction and appoint the appropriate treatment which would correspond to the health characteristics of a person.

One of the most popular methods to treat male impotence is thought to be the medicine intake. The medications are very widespread due to the simplicity of their intake and the great efficiency. They comprise the active ingredients which influence the blood flow and stimulate a stable erection. Tadalafil possesses the highest efficiency among other active ingredients. Tadacip is a medication manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla. This company is a trusted leader in the pharma industry.

Pharmacological action

Tadacip comprises the main active element Tadalafil which influences the blood circulation and provides the desired effect which lasts 36 hours. An erection occurs in the case of the sexual stimulation in men.


Take one tablet of Tadacip in 20 minutes before the intimacy. A pill should be taken internally with water. Do not use more than one pill per 24 hours not to overdose. The long-lasting effect of the drug provides the possibility to enjoy a spontaneous sexual intercourse.


Before the intake of Tadacip one should examine the state of health to know the diseases and disorders which would influence the medicine usage. Such diseases as angina, leukemia, liver and kidney problems and cardiovascular diseases prevent Tadacip intake. If you are hypersensitive to Tadalafil, it is prohibited to take Tadacip.

Tadalafil may be dangerous in the combination with such medicines as: other ED drugs, medications with nitrates, drugs for the treatment of high and low blood pressure, medicines for HIV treatment, drugs for fungal infections cure. The intake of Tadacip with grapefruit and grapefruit juice, fatty food and alcohol can also affect the male organism in a negative way.

Ask your medical specialist to prescribe the dosage according to your heath peculiarities. The maximal dosage of Tadacip is one tablet per day. Each Tadacip tablet contains 20 mg of Tadalafil. You can also buy Tadalis Sx 20 mg which also comprises Tadalafil. If you suffer from problems with liver or kidney your dose may be decreased. Follow the prescriptions of a doctor to avoid the overdose or the possible side effects.

One may feel certain side effects which are insufficient if the doctor’s instructions are followed. They include: headache, dizziness, redness of the face and diarrhea. Side effects which should be treated include: back pain, sudden loss of vision and hearing, irregular heartbeats and muscle pain.

Brief description of Tadacip

Active ingredient Tadalafil
Dosage day (pills) 1
Operating time (h) 36
Onset of action (min) 20
Allow simultaneous reception
Not allow simultaneous
grapefruit juice
fatty foods
medicines for high blood blood pressure
preparations for the treatment of HIV infection or AIDS
drugs against fungal infections
Contraindications hypersensitivity
liver disease
peyronie's disease
high blood pressure
irregular heartbeat
pulmonary disease
Side effects dizziness, headache, muscle pain, stuffy nose, flushing, mild pain in the back, itching, rash, difficulty breathing, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, seizures, muscle pain
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